This field is used to assign a serial number to each entry. It comes very handy when generating workflows which have to be representated with a serial number.

This field can be used in the following way

  • Serial Number - This field can be populated with a prefix
    For example: FY / 22-23 / {Entry number}
"type": "auto-number",
"id": "Invoice Number",
"label": "Serial No.",
"showInTable": true,
"prefix": "FY / 22-23 / "

The field above generates a serial number for each entry with the given prefix, followed by the entry number.

Field Attributes

idstringAssigns a name for the given field on the backend. This name can be used to refer this field in another field
labelstringAdds a label to the given field
prefixstringPermits the user to input a string which is included before every auto generated number
showInTablebooleanDisplays the field in a table after saving the entry