This field is used to upload a pdf in an entry. The field has special attributes which support analysis, downloading, versioning and comments.

"type": "pdf",
"id": "pdf",
"label": "PDF",
"showInTable": true,
"isRequired": true,
"sizeLimitMb": 10,
"comments": true,
"versioning": true,
"download": true,
"analysis": {
"spellcheck": true,
"layers": true

The example above takes a pdf as input of maximum size 10 MegaBytes. The user has the provisions to add comments, view the different versions, download the file, and check the analysis of the text in the pdf.

Field Attributes

idstringAssigns a name for the given field on the backend. This name can be used to refer this field in another field
labelstringAdds a label to the given field
isRequiredbooleanMakes a field mandatory
showInTablebooleanDisplays the field in a table after saving the entry
sizeLimitMbnumberLimits the size of the uploaded file
versioningbooleanEnables the option to show versions of the uploaded pdf
downloadbooleanPermits the user to download the uploaded pdf
LayersObjectConfigures layers analysis
Spell CheckObjectConfigures spell check analysis