All your business workflows in one place

No more custom apps or trying to fit everything in spreadsheets. E-Register allows your team to record any data or process in a clean and simple way.

Create workflows as per your business

Easy to use and powerful, E-Register is a great solution for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to track any workflow as per your business. Finally a solution that adapts to your business instead of the other way around!

Unsystematic workflows are hurting your business


Custom apps are not the solution for your unique workflows

It takes money, time to build custom applications and it still proves to be a challenge to maintain them.


Your data is currently scattered across paper, excel or maybe not tracked

You haven’t been able to move from paper to excel, and even on excel you find it a challenge to collaborate and even those sheets get lost in some folder.


Delays and lack of information are causing efficiency loss

Your workflow is stuck because one step got missed or somebody didn’t pay attention. You need to be aware of any deadline getting missed.


Unable to balance transparency and confidentiality

It’s important for all employees and external customers to have visibility into what's going on but at the same time, some parts need to be protected.

E-Register is a flexible solution to optimize any workflow


Capture any data entry or workflow in less than a day


Fine-grained control over data access


Automatic notifications for workflow progress and alerts


Single source of truth with change tracking


Store files and data together

custom registers

Capture your workflow

Create your workflow as per what you already follow in the company with the help of steps and forms.


Get notified for all the alerts

Never miss out on anything. Our system will notify based on what events the user wants to track.

data visualisation

Create reports for data visualisation

Robust and powerful reporting that enables you to easily generate effective information for data visualisation.


Specify the print layout

With the help of custom print layouts, choose exactly how you want to export each workflow entry.

Solving complex workflows for our customers


Check out some of our custom workflows

Goods Inwards
Artwork Management
Workplace Accident
Goods Delivery

We care about your business journey, from start to finish

Quick onboarding

Quick onboarding

With quick data entry and user-friendly design, get up and running with E-Register in just a few weeks.

Integration friendly

Integration friendly

Link E-Register with your existing tools to automatically start a workflow.

Secure data

Secure data

Be at peace about your company’s valuable data - it is encrypted and securely stored on Google Cloud with regular backups.

First-class support

First-class support

We are champions of service and will be available on call, email and message anytime you need us.

E-Register is also available on mobile


android store


apple store

Build any workflow today

If you’re looking to improve your organization’s efficiency significantly, let’s talk about exploring E-Register for your business.