This field is used to capture a live image or upload an existing image.

"type": "image",
"id": "image",
"label": "Image",
"showInTable": true,
"isRequired": true,
"captureLocation": true,
"sizeLimitMb": 5

In the above example, the field takes an input of an image of maximum size 5 MegaBytes and has a feature called captureLocation which records the location of the picture. When captureLocation is true, the user has to capture a live image and upload it.

Field Attributes

idstringAssigns a name for the given field on the backend. This name can be used to refer this field in another field
labelstringAdds a label to the given field
captureLocationbooleanCaptures the live location of the user
isRequiredbooleanMakes a field mandatory
showInTablebooleanDisplays the field in a table after saving the entry
sizeLimitMbnumberLimits the size of the uploaded file